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            The Little Boats


It is nimble and quick for a short boat(14' 7"), equally at home on open water and winding, twisting rivers. With its padded tractor style seat the Legend is comfortable to paddle long distances. The sliding seat can be adjusted easily and quickly while on the water to accommodate different sixw paddlers or to adjust the boat's trim. The full width adjustable foot bar with toe straps, similar to those found on marathon racing canoes, allows the paddler to lock their feet in place for increased forward stroke power and efficiency by helping to engage the more powerful core muscle groups.

To assist in turning, edging the boat slightly reduces the waterline length and helps it to carve tight turns on the narrow, winding Little River. The Legend feels stable while edging, and by shifting your weight in the seat slightly to one side it is easy to maintain an edge while turning. However, as with any boat, stability is a very personal and subjective trait. Seat time paddling this boat will help you to dial in the appropriate amount of edging while still maintaining stability


If you really enjoy being on the water and the plastic kayak is too heavy or uncomfortable, we can match your needs to the right-sized boat. If you would like a lightweight, single-person, recreational boat, the Peeper may be just your style. If you want something that will carry you and your gear, try out the Rambler. Both are small enough for one person, are very lightweight and easy to load and unload from your vehicle.

The Peeper and Rambler are stable, move and turn easily, can be used with a single or double-bladed paddle and with no small cockpit to slide into, they are easier to enter and exit. They are durable and built for everyday use with high-quality aluminum thwarts, handgrips and seat rails.






Length:  11' 8"

Weight: 14 lbs

Capacity: up to 250 lbs

Seat: molded carbon with foam available; raised off the floor; adjusts forwards and backwards

Footbrace: adjustable, high quality aluminum

Depth:  15/11/13 (bow/center/stern)

Beam at gunwale:  25"



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Length:  13' 0"

Weight: 21 lbs

Capacity: up to 250 lbs plus 50 lbs of gear

Seat: molded carbon with foam available; raised off the floor; adjusts forwards and backwards. Kneeling option available

Footbrace: adjustable, high quality aluminum

Depth:  16/12/14 (bow/center/stern)

Beam at gunwale:  27"

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