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We'd like to show you some accessories and options and how they look installed in a GRB Newman Designs canoe.


Highback Seat and Pedestal


GRB Newman Design is introducing a carbon fiber pedestal supporting a

​molded, highback carbon fiber seat that slides on aluminum rails. The pedestal is 21" long

and 8" wide, and 4-1/2" high. The lightweight rails are 20" long, allowing the seat 9-1/2" of travel fore and aft. The unit, as pictured, is available for $315 (effective Jan.1, 2023). Please note that each of these components, pedestal, rails and highback seat, is available for purchase separately.

Sliding Seat and Footbrace
Pictured is a Monarch carbon fiber canoe (see Touring and Tripping Boats on this site). The boat is has carbon fiber gunwales for a sleek modern finished look with adjustable sliding footbraces.
On the right is a closer view of the adjustable sliding foot brace and seat arrangement. The sliding footbrace enables the paddler to slide the seat fore and aft while maintaining the correct footbrace distance. As the seat moves, the foot brace slides along its own tracks so the paddler never has to stop to modify the footbrace position to match the new seat position.
This optional feature is available on most GRB Newman Design canoes.
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