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           GRB  Paddles

   We make these to order, right here in our shop. We build a high quality, carbon fiber paddle at a very competitive price. Our paddles are molded with a true 12 degree angle that provides a great catch with a solid feel in the water. Let us know and we can customize your paddle with the length and blade width to fit your needs. While there can be a trade-off between weight and durability, we can adjust the weight to fit your type of paddling. Also available are color logos to further personalize your paddle.

Prices start at $195.00


It's an adventure, so let the adventures begin!

​We have designed and created new paddles to meet the needs of different paddlers. There are indeed "different strokes for different folks" and GRB Newman Design has developed a variety of lightweight and strong carbon fiber paddles. These paddles are available in a range of lengths and shapes to best suit your requirements.I




In the photo, paddle A is a straight-blade, standard paddle with a 12 degree angle for more efficient power transfer. This paddle is well-suited for all-around paddling, including recreational, short and long-distance  touring. These paddles start from $195.

Paddle B is the new curved blade also with a 12 degree angle. This design and construction is preferred by competition paddlers. It requires more from your technique for top efficiency, but rewards the effort. These paddles start at $225.

Paddle C is a straight-blade paddle with a 6 degree angle. Here's a paddle that is very similar to the traditional straight line paddle but with a slight angle to increase the power and efficiency of the stroke. The 6-degree starts at $195.


Here is a picture of the new juniors paddle. With a smaller blade, shorter shaft and easy-to-grasp T-grip in lightweight molded carbon fiber, the juniors paddle is perfect for children not quite ready for a full-size canoe paddle. Have your junior paddler give this one a try, it can make all the difference. Juniors start at $125

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