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Classic  and  Classic XL

        Length           Width        Depth

     15'8" or 16'8"    26/22        16/12/13

Built in two lengths, the 15' 8" Classic is recommended for paddlers up to 160 lbs, while the Classic XL, at 16' 8", is designed for paddlers 160 lbs and up. These boats are designed with enough volume for extended camping trips, but are nimble enough for exploring small rivers and lakes. Very efficient to paddle, the Classic  and Classic XL are ideal solo touring and tripping boats that are light enough for long portages.

Will's Whitewater Boat

Designed by National Champion Whitewater paddler Will Sigfried, the Whitewater Expedition was built as a whitewater race boat.  The qualities that make it good for whitewater also make it great for long distance tripping. The boat has plenty of volume to handle heavy loads, larger paddlers and big water. The boat is fast, stable, and can turn on a dime. It can be outfitted with either a kneeling pedestal or a sit-down seat and an optional rudder for true expedition paddling.

Fri 352.jpg

Photo courtesy of Will Sigfried

Length      Width       Depth        Weight

  17'           32/24       17/14/16     25 lbs


Photo courtesy of Jeff Handler

     Length      Beam         Depth         Weight

      18' 6"       38/36      16.5/12/16      34 lbs

If you only have room for one boat, this is the one to have.  The Monarch is the ultimate all-purpose tandem boat for a wide variety of needs. It has the carrying capacity for extended camping trips and seaworthiness to get you there and back safely. The hull is a very modern design for ease of paddling and nimble handling and perfect for an afternoon exploring. The Monarch gives you the security of a 18' 6" boat and the feel of a much smaller one. There are a wide range of options available to customize it to your needs. Some of the options include: a carry yoke, sliding rear footbrace, carbon gunwales, a carbon bench seat for families with small children, and a carbon bow deck for bigger waves.

Traveler I and Traveler II

         Length     Beam        Depth       Weight

     I - 16' 4"         33        16/12/24       33 lbs

    II - 17' 5"      34/33      16/13/16       35 lbs


If you are looking for a smaller tandem canoe, the Travelers are older designs that have a lot to offer. They're intended for light loads and lighter weight paddlers and are very efficient and responsive. They are perfect for day trips or just an afternoon on the water and light enough to portage or put on and off the car easily.        



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