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If you have a need for speed, the Mach 4 is the boat for you.

The Mach 4 sets the standard for speed and manueverability and meets the C-4 Unlimited Class specifications for the Adirondack Classic 90-Miler. The boat distributes four paddlers over its 25' 11" length, accelerates rapidly and turns on command. The Mach 4 is 32" wide, gunwale to gunwale, at its widest point and the depth ranges from 17" in the bow to 12 1/2" in the center to 13 1/2" in the stern. The design eliminates the need for sliding seats, thereby saving time and speed on changes. If your team is ready to go faster, try Mach 4.

C-1 Stinger

GRBNewman Designs has developed a light, comfortable C-1 marathon canoe with great handling characteristics that reaches planing speeds faster and provides unmatched response. The Stinger has the highest strength-to-weight ratio, the most volume with the smallest footprint, and meets all USCA class specifications. Tested over 14 years, the race-proven, two-piece design allows thwarts, lunch counters and gunwales to be molded in a unique monocoque construction for enhanced rigidity.

The Stinger is more than fast enough to get the job done.

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