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GRBNewman Design has been building canoes for over 40 years. We began with wood and fiberglass and moved to carbon composite as technology improved. We are continually testing new designs and our shop has developed relationships with both competition and recreational paddlers alike. Lightweight, manueverablility and strength are key elelments of  the designs that meet the demands of lake and river voyages. Our canoes are paddled in waters ranging from Germany to the Yukon. We would like to build a canoe that fits you and your needs.


Your Adventure Awaits...

Photo by Adam Pearsall


Gene and John Newman, 1973

The design and build team at GRBNewman Designs, the brothers John and Gene Newman, began racing canoes in 1969 during the era of aluminum and fiberglass boats that were manufactured by recreational canoe companies.  The following year, John and Gene built their first competition canoe and have been racing and building canoes for competition and recreation for close to 50 years.

While the price of canoes has increased significantly, the goal of GRB/Newman Design has always been affordable pricing for competitive boats while providing top quality products.  Innovations in hull design have evolved from years of experience under the wide range of conditions experienced by competitive and recreational paddlers.  Each hull is laid up by hand with American materials in order to ensure the highest quality and each of our designs receives extensive on-water testing.  Our canoes have been tested under a variety of conditions and by a range of paddlers before the finished product is made available.  We have been able to keep costs low by making every component in-house from tried and tested materials while maintaining low overhead. 

If you are looking for a new boat that is light, fast and tough at an excellent price, we would like to speak with you.  There are models for every type of paddler.  Our goal is to match you with the best canoe for your paddling needs at the best price. 

Take a look through the following pages and get in touch with us at:

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GRB/Newman Designs

P.O. Box 496

Canton, NY 13617

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