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Here at GRB we build a wide variety of canoes and our standard layups are good for most purposes, but if weight is a factor or if extra durability is required, lightweight and expedition layups are available. In addition, all of our hulls can be fitted out to meet your individual needs.

The prices below are for standard layups, including: sliding carbon bucket seats, aluminum thwarts and hand grips, adjustable footbraces, and wood gunwales.

If you are interested in a custom layup or custom fittings, please contact us for pricing. 


You can reach us via email at:

or by post at:

GRB Newman Designs

P.O. Box 496

Canton, NY 13617

Boat and Accessory Prices

The Little Boats

Peeper - $1895

Rambler - $1995

Little Bug C-1 - $2195


Touring and Tripping Boats

Legend - Introductory Price: $2495

Classic - $2895

Classic XL - $2995

Monarch - $3395

Traveler I - $3050

Traveler II - $3150

Will's Boat - $2995

Touring and Tripping Accessories

Carbon Gunwales:

             Solo - $175

             Tandem - $275

Sliding Footbrace:

             Solo - $150

             Tandem - $175


Racing Canoes

C-4 Mach 4:

       Bare hull - $5400

       Basic outfitting - $6200

       Contact us with questions or requests

C-1 Stinger - $3395

       Xtra-light - $225

       Bailer - $175

       Sliding Footbrace - $150

C-1 Pro Concept - $2895

       Bailer - $175

       Sliding Footbrace - $150

C-2 Pro - $3495

       Xtra-light - $275

       Bailer - $175

       Sliding Footbrace - $150

       Bow Deck - $75

       Lunch Counter - $90

       Center Thwart - $50

       Rear Thwart - $70




Shipping Schedules

We imagine that you are all aware of the difficulties involved with shipping these days.  The impact of COVID-19 on the working people involved with material production and shipping, along with the significant increase in the number of people using shipping services is unprecedented.

GRB Newman Designs is not immune to these influences. We too, have had difficulties acquiring materials and experienced shipping delays. As a result we may have difficulties meeting projected production and shipping schedules. We are working continuously to find effective solutions to the challenges we face as your canoe, paddle and accessory supplier.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate and resolve these challenges.  Thank you.